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For San Francisco by San Franciscans

HerreroBOLDT has diligently put the building blocks in place for a robust program that hires San Francisco residents and San Francisco-based businesses. HerreroBOLDT is reporting to and working with the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Workforce Development (MOEWD) to ensure we meet or exceed our workforce goals. The workforce agreement was designed so that HerreroBOLDT and MOEWD work together to create a program that will benefit San Francisco residents and businesses.

We are proud to collaborate with our trade partners, the building trades, CityBuild Academy, Mission Hiring Hall, City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University and numerous other community-based hiring partners.

San Franciscans at Work

Our projects aim to fill at least 30 percent of union journeymen and apprentice work hours with San Francisco residents, and will include a unique pipeline program for entry-level union apprentices, non-union administrative support, project engineers, internships and clerical positions for San Francisco residents. Our team will work with CityBuild and the Construction Administration Professional Service Academy to fill these positions and create a workforce development group to support the fulfillment of our goals.

Doing Business with San Francisco-Based Businesses

It is anticipated that CPMC 2020 will inject 1,500 new construction jobs and $2.7 billion into the City’s economy. HerreroBOLDT is proud to partner with numerous successful local businesses who are now members of the HerreroBOLDT team on the CPMC 2020 project.

In addition to developing a mentor-protégé program, we are committed to a goal of 14 percent of the value of construction contracts being awarded to San Francisco-based businesses. We are proud of our established relationships with local employment programs and San Francisco-based businesses. We aim to continue to maximize our relationships with our local hiring sources.